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Due to severe waning interest on my part, I've passed the torch along to Slust.  I will still be around, but ultimately it is unfair to the guild for me to be unavailable when matters need addressing.

With such, I hope everyone accepts this new direction as we continue through BC and eagerly await the next patch.
Malkieri a I have been activated it all week, just wasn't on yesterday.
Kayin Adrenos a If it is not taken care of later this afternoon, I will make it so.
pappy316 Any chance that additional people can be given permission to enable FC XP buffs? More often than not, there is no buff a...

PST Group Downs Turns 1-3

Slust a posted Oct 24, 13
Well it was an eventful week for the newly christened PST group--For Great Justice!

We one-shotted Caduceus with half newbies, which was kind of surprising but ultimately awesome.  Grats to Lethe on her Allagan Bracelets of Aiming and Drizzy on his Allagan Cuirass of Maiming!

Our voyage continued into ADS with one helluva handicap... we were rolling with two Dragoons.  This made ADS quite "interesting", I think is a word we could use.  We were robbed of victory so many times!  He should have died, but alas.

So then we came together tonight and within an hour put that fucker in a Hurt Locker.  And then this happened:

If Yoshida-san wasn't so open about Black Mage being his favorite class, I'd swear he's rigging the dice for Dragoons.

So grats again to Drizzy, who is probably going to be the first person in the guild to be full Allagan, at least at this vector and velocity.  May your DPS be righteous and your AoE avoidance constant.

Sulwen Been stupid busy this week, super glad you guys did well. Omg @ Drizzy's luck though. gratssss
Kiana For those keeping score, Drizzy has seen six dragoon items out of eight BC drops.
Drizzy Stardust I can see it now... 2.1 Patch notes! Dragoon Readjustment -Lowered timer on jump animation -Increased the rate of Drag...

LFM Healers/Casters

Kayin Adrenos a posted Oct 22, 13
We are in need of DL+ geared healers pretty badly.  If you group with a healer that is geared/skilled, ask them what server they are from and try to recruit.  We are looking at needing 2-3 more geared healers to have 3 BC groups going concurrently.

This is also the case with casters, more specifically BLM.  Keep an eye out, ask questions, and recruit where possible.
Phy I finally have full left side dl for my sch. just need a titan kill. - Venmis.
The rosters for this weeks BC groups have been posted.  If you are unable to make this weeks raid that starts on TUESDAY, please post in the thread.  More information can be found here http://katetguild.enjin.com/forum/m/15870146/viewthread/9224012-week-1021-bahamuts-coil-rosters/page/1
Haydakin Starstrike I am unable to make tonight, Wife is working a mandatory double and my son is feeling sick sorry guys, really hate to mi...
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